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The Beginning of an Idea
I graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design (in Ohio) with a bachelor degree in illustration. During my time at CCAD I fell in love with the art of screen-printing and spending as much time in the print lab as I could. When it was time to graduate and move on, I just had to set up my own make-shift print lab to play at home (in PA).

At the time I was also sewing and selling custom english riding dickies to wear under a riding jacket, for horse showing. I called them “Show Collars” and sold them via Ebay. They sold very quickly and I filled a ton of orders. Maybe you have one of the originals? I still continue to make Show Collars. They are even better now because they are each one of a kind while affordable. They have special details like embroidery and "bling" for fashion forwardness in today's show pen. The colors I choose are on trend and never too bold. It is a lot of work but thanks to my grandma for teaching me at a young age, I enjoy sewing.

Because riding and showing is a hobby of mine, it was really great to be doing something that had to do with horses. During some art making one evening, I came across some old silk screens from college that had horse images already burned on them. Right then, I printed the images on some t-shirts and realized the potential of what I had just made.

I grew up around the bmx world watching with my brothers and friends.
I enjoy snowboarding, water skiing and boating, and kicked around (and fell) on a skateboard. All of these sports have apparel companies associated with them. The clothing is cool, inspired and what you want to wear if you do that sport or just want to look the part. The horse world that I love most had/has nothing similar to offer. So there I was, intent to create a brand that had to do with horses, that myself and other people, whether or not they were into horses, would want to wear.

The DL Mission
The Dirt Luck Industry Apparel mission is high quality products with design substance. We take inspiration from equestrian culture. We add to that inspiration an edge of individuality and personality. Dirt Luck is not just a logo and it is not just a name on a shirt. The design process is tedious starting with concepts and ideas, sketching, and then to computer illustration. Each of the DL designs feature a horse shoe in the open-side-down position. It is a playful take on the age-old theory that the luck dumps out when the shoe is flipped. Yes, we believe in luck. We realize the harder you work and the better prepared you are, the more luck you might have. Simply stated. CREATE YOUR OWN LUCK.